Neutral Barons

Marmaduke le Scrope, Lord of Curry Malet

Steven Bell

Coat of arms: Party per pale vert and or, a bear rampant gules

Surcoat Color: Green and Golden Yellow

Special Unit: Marmaduke le Scrope brings FOUR knights to the field, but he does so at the cost of archers.


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Eustice of York, Baron of Bolton

Cyrus Naderpour

Coat of arms: Argent, a stag rampant vert

Surcoat Color: Brown/Chocolate

Special Unit: Eustice of York is a force multiplier, each point his side captures is worth slightly more points.


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Baldwin Hardell, Lord of Alnwick

Jaleel Thomas

Coat of arms: Gules, a boar argent

Surcoat Color: Dark Red

Special Unit: Baldwin Hardell puts his troop’s lives first. His respawn banner may be used by any warriors he is allied with.


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Thomas of Lincoln, Lord of Huntingfield 

Dash Render

Coat of arms: Argent, a raven displayed sable

Surcoat Color: Green

Special Unit: Thomas of Lincoln leads the best archers in the kingdom. In fact, all 10 of his followers are archers!


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