The Church

The “Church” in the event plays a pivotal and multifaceted role, encompassing both spiritual and administrative duties. Composed of Priests, Friars, Monks, and Nuns, these members are unique in the game as they are non-combatant players, embodying a sense of peace and neutrality amidst the chaos. Their knowledge and skills set them apart, as they are the sole individuals capable of reading and writing, a valuable asset in the game’s setting.

  • Costume Guidelines for Monks and Nuns

    Priests, Friars, Monks, and Nuns are revered members of the Church, embodying spirituality, knowledge, and neutrality. Their attire should reflect the simplicity and humility typical of 13th century religious life. See this VIDEO for some great examples!

  • The Church Required Kit Items:

    • Habit: Long, ankle length overgarment. Brown, natural, black or grey allowed. 
    • Undergarments: Tunic/pants or underdress as desired. Linen, wool, silk, or textured cotton are allowed. Colors should be natural, brown, black, or grey. 
    • Medieval Footwear: Leather boots or period-appropriate shoes. F&F Medieval Ranger Boots are allowed.
    • Cowl or Hood: A large, hooded cloak for monks, especially useful for outdoor prayers or nighttime vigils.
    • Belt: Leather or rope as desired.
  • Optional Kit Items:

    • Pouches: Period-appropriate pouches or bags.
    • Gloves: Leather gloves suitable for the period.
    • Cloak/Cape: Great for staying warm in camp at night. 
    • Wimple and Veil (for nuns): A wimple is a cloth worn around the neck and chin, and over the chest. The veil covers the head, symbolizing modesty and chastity.
    • Scapular: A long, wide piece of cloth worn over the shoulders, hanging down in the front and back, almost to the ground. This is very similar to a long tabard. 
    • Rosary Beads: A string of beads used for prayer, often worn around the waist or carried.
    • Pectoral Cross: A cross, often made of wood, worn around the neck.
  • Notes & Recommendations:  

    • While the event is rooted in historical fiction, we encourage participants to draw inspiration from movies like Kingdom of Heaven and Robin Hood (2010) for their attire. There is no need for 100% authenticity. Go for 80%, and think of it as costuming for one of the aforementioned films.
    • Quality and authenticity are key. Avoid modern materials and visible zippers.
    • Fabrics should look natural and unprocessed. Linen, wool, or cotton are ideal choices.
    • Avoid modern patterns, logos, or bright colors.
    • The overall appearance should exude modesty, humility, and dedication to spiritual life.
    • Remember, the goal is to immerse oneself in the role, and the costume plays a significant part in that. Ensure authenticity and comfort, and embrace the spirit of 13th century religious life.