Healing Rules

Each Baron has a banner that they or their retainers will carry into battle. This banner is effectively that Baron’s respawn point. 

If you are wounded or killed, you are allowed to walk out of the combat line to your Baron’s Banner. Once within arms reach of your Baron’s Banner you are allowed to tie on a bandage (you can choose an appropriate place to apply the bandage, ex: arm or leg, so it is easily seen). Each warrior is allowed to carry 2 bandages. On the third death, you must return to your team’s respawn point. 

The Banner Bearer may use weapons and shields to defend themselves but may not use the banner as an offensive or defensive weapon. If the bearer of your Baron’s Banner is slain, then the bearer and banner must return to the respawn point before rejoining the battle. Thus, if your Banner is “lost” in battle, then you essentially have a respawn penalty. 

Players may also return to their team’s respawn point at any time instead of to the Banner. Bandages can only be removed at the respawn point. Banners may not be stolen, may not be used as weapons, and may not be used to intentionally block incoming blows.