What is the "War of the Barons" event?

   - The "War of the Barons" is a 3-day immersive historical fiction event based on the Baron's War in early 13th Century England. Participants can engage in medieval combat and role-play as knights, men-at-arms, archers, or non-combatants such as monks and nuns.

When and where is the event taking place?

       - The event is scheduled for February 21st-23rd, 2025, at Cross H Farm, 721 Little Mountain Rd, Anderson, SC.

    How can I purchase tickets?

         - Tickets are will be available November 2024 under the "tickets" tab of the website. 

      What is included with my ticket?

           - Your War of the Barons ticket includes access to the event from 12pm Feb. 21st to 5pm Feb 23rd. Six (6) themed meals: Friday Supper, Saturday Breakfast, Saturday Lunch, Saturday Supper, Sunday Breakfast, Sunday Lunch and includes feastware. Access to camping area (either in-game or out of game) that includes Porta Johns. 

        Are my tickets refundable?

           - Due to the nature of this event, all ticket sales are final - no refunds or ticket rollover permitted.  We do allow tickets to be transferred to another player until February 9th, 2025.

        All transfers must be confirmed via email with contact@warofthebarons.com

        How much physical activity is involved when I participate in War of the Barons?

        Participation in the "War of the Barons" event demands a certain level of physical fitness due to the nature of the activities involved. From the rigors of medieval combat to the challenges of navigating the event's terrain, attendees will be engaged in activities that require stamina, strength, and agility.

        We strongly advise all participants to ensure they are in good physical condition before attending. This is not only to enhance your experience but also to ensure your safety and the safety of others. If you have any medical conditions or concerns, please consult with a healthcare professional prior to committing to the event.

        What is the difference between "Weekend Warrior Experience" and "War of the Barons"?

             - While the "Weekend Warrior Experience" is a fantasy event, "War of the Barons" is a historical fiction event. The latter focuses on providing an authentic early 13th-century experience, with costumes and roles based on that era.

          What roles can I play at the event?

               - Combatant players can choose to be a Knight, Man-at-Arms, or Archer. Non-combatants can role-play as members of the Church, such as Monks or Nuns.

            Are there any costume guidelines?

                 - Yes, all costumes should be based on the early 13th century. We recommend looking at movies like Kingdom of Heaven, Robin Hood (2010), and Outlaw King for inspiration. Detailed costume guidelines can be found on our "Details" page.

              What are the combat rules?

                   - You can find a detailed breakdown on our website under the "Combat Rules" section.

                How are the teams determined?

                     - Each Baron has 10 followers, and the barons begin on two opposing sides, Loyal and Rebel. Each of these armies starts with 8 barons. The 4 Neutral barons can be negotiated with to win them over to your side. They will all choose a side by the time the battle arrives!

                  Can I choose which Baron to follow?

                       - Yes, players can choose to align with one of the 20 Barons, each having specific roles available. The choice of Baron also determines if you're a Rebel, Loyal, or Neutral participant. However, each baron only has 10 followers so first-come first-served!

                    What of the Baron I want to follow is full?

                         - This is a real possibility. As each Baron only leads 10 soldiers, it's possible your first choice is full. If you are trying to fight alongside your friends, then you can choose a baron aligned on the same side as you will all be in the same camp. 

                      What if the role I want is no longer available with my preferred Baron?

                           - If you wanted to follow a specific baron as a knight, but there are no more slots available, you will need to choose between playing a knight and fighting for another baron or staying with your preferred baron and playing another role like man-at-arms or archer.  

                        What if my preferred role is gone entirely?

                             - Luckily most of the kit crosses over! Meaning if you plan on playing a man-at-arms this year but come back as a knight next year, you can use most of the same gear and vice-versa. We have also put Barons on both sides that have all the major color options available, so no matter what side you are, you should have some kit options. But if all knight or archer roles are filled, you may just have to enjoy playing another character for a bit!

                          Are there any camping guidelines?

                               - Absolutely! Participants are encouraged to camp in designated areas, and we have specific guidelines to ensure everyone's safety and comfort. Check our "Camping Guidelines" section for more information.

                            What is a Baron in the context of the "War of the Barons" event?

                              In the "War of the Barons" event, a Baron represents a powerful and influential leader from early 13th Century England. Each Baron heads a distinct faction, which can be Rebel, Loyal, or Neutral, and is responsible for guiding and leading their respective group of knights, men-at-arms, and archers. The Baron's role is pivotal in shaping the narrative and outcome of the event, as they make strategic decisions, form alliances, and engage in battles.

                              Within the event, the Baron is not just a title but a symbol of authority, charisma, and strategy. They are expected to embody the ethos of their faction, inspire their members, and actively participate in all event activities to ensure an immersive and historically accurate experience for all participants.

                              The title "Baron" in this context is both a nod to the historical significance of Barons during the actual Baron's war in England and a representation of leadership and responsibility within the event's framework.

                              I am not a male of English heritage. Can I participate?

                                Absolutely! While the "War of the Barons" event is set in 13th century England, we wholeheartedly welcome participants of all backgrounds and ethnicities. Diversity enriches the event, and we believe it will add depth and intrigue to the overarching story. All characters get the opportunity to craft a unique backstory to explain their character's presence on the 13th-century English battlefield. Embrace your unique heritage and use it to enhance the narrative of the event!  For instance:

                                - Someone of East Asian origin might narrate a journey along the Silk Road, arriving via Constantinople.

                                - A participant of African heritage could depict a tale of returning as a warrior in the retinue of a Crusader knight.

                                Example: John “Omaadi” de Ros became Baron of Albemarle after his adoptive father William died. William’s life was saved by Omaadi’s father, a Nubian warrior, who gave his life in defense of William De Ros while on crusade. Now owing this life debt, the Baron of Albemarle, adopted the orphaned Omaadi as his own and granted him his full rights and title upon his death. Like his father, Omaadi is a staunch supporter of the crown and King John.

                                We see our diversity as an asset to be fully enjoyed rather than a constraint. We have worked with our diversity committee to strive to craft an environment that maintains the aesthetic of historical England while including all who wish to participate. We will continue to refine this language as we learn and grow together!  

                                How should I (as a character) treat and interact with people who would not belong in a Medieval English army historically?

                                  One of the great advantages of a historical fiction event is that we get to bend history a bit. In the historical context, it's true that many people would not have been involved in medieval battles. However, for our event, as storytellers, we have the amazing ability to include diverse characters of all types! While we do ask that all players make up interesting and engaging stories to explain their presence, that story should be accepted and applauded. All participants in the event should be taken at face value and welcomed in every aspect of the event and be able to compete on an even playing field. Any sort of harassment, especially that based on sex or race, is grounds for immediate expulsion from the event and a permanent ban on all future events. 

                                  How can I get in touch for more queries?

                                       - For any further questions or clarifications, please visit our "Contact" page and fill out the contact form. Our team will get back to you promptly.