• Welcome to Medieval England!

    When choosing a character name and story, remember that simple is usually better. It is expected that you choose a character name. This can help the transition of leaving the mundane world behind you and help you fully immerse in the world we are creating. You may also want to have a realistic backstory as well as one that fits into the realm of your given role, its adventures, and lore.

    The Role you purchased will of course determine a large part of your story. As a player, you will have the chance to choose from four different roles:


Role: The embodiment of chivalry and martial prowess, knights are the elite warriors of the medieval world. Sworn to a code of honor, they are duty-bound to protect the weak and serve their liege lord with unwavering loyalty.

Characteristics: Knights are often of noble birth or have been knighted for their valor. They are skilled in combat and are clad head-to-toe in armor. A knight’s reputation is paramount; thus, they often seek to prove themselves on the battlefield.

Backstory Ideas: Perhaps you were a squire who recently earned your spurs, or maybe you’re a seasoned knight seeking redemption for a past dishonor.


Role: Men-at-arms are professional soldiers, well-trained in the art of war. They form the backbone of any medieval army, serving their lords in exchange for land or pay.

Characteristics: While not as prestigious as knights, men-at-arms are versatile fighters, proficient with a variety of weapons. They are often quite well equipped and a match for a knight in battle.

Backstory Ideas: You could be a veteran of numerous campaigns, a young recruit eager to prove himself, or a farmer who took up arms to protect his land.


Role: Archers are specialized soldiers, masters of the bow and arrow. Their role is to provide ranged support, thinning enemy ranks or targeting key individuals from a distance.

Characteristics: While archers lack the heavy armor of knights or men-at-arms, their agility and keen eyesight make them invaluable on the battlefield. They often work in groups, raining volleys of arrows upon the enemy.

Backstory Ideas: Perhaps you’re a forester or hunter, skilled in tracking and survival. You might have been conscripted into service or chose to join for the thrill of battle. Your past could be riddled with tales of sharpshooting feats or a significant event that led you to take up the bow.

Monk or Nun

Role: Monks and nuns are the spiritual heart of the medieval world. They dedicate their lives to religious service, often living in monastic communities away from the secular world.

Characteristics: As members of the church, monks and nuns are the few who can read and write. They are non-combatants but play a crucial role in the game as heralds and neutral parties. Their knowledge and wisdom often make them sought-after advisors.

Backstory Ideas: You might have entered the monastery seeking refuge from a tumultuous past or felt a divine calling from a young age. Your character could be on a pilgrimage, be a scholar translating sacred texts, or be torn between worldly desires and spiritual duties. Remember, while technically neutral, you can align with a baron or remain an impartial observer.

  • With a simple backstory, you can react to real in-game actions to help guide you as a character. If you want an elaborate backstory, feel free to do that as well!

    War of the Barons takes place in a fictional version of 13th century England. So names, locations, etc. should be taken from what was generally available at the time.

    In War of the Barons your real-life skill matters! No matter your role, your skill with weapons or diplomacy will impact how your character performs and is perceived by others. So choose your backstory accordingly! For example, If you have never shot a bow before but want to play an archer, maybe you create a story of a new recruit or young adventurer rather than a legendary bowman. Otherwise, you may end up looking a bit silly in battle.

    Appropriate accents (English, French, Nubian, etc.) are encouraged! Of course, most of those languages in the 13th century would be unrecognizable to modern speakers. However, we have to play to our modern experience to help us immerse ourselves! So using an English accent for an English character is the best way to do that.

    While the War of the Barons event is set in 13th century England, we wholeheartedly welcome participants of all backgrounds and ethnicities. Diversity enriches the event, and we believe it will add depth and intrigue to the overarching story. All characters get the opportunity to craft a unique backstory to explain their character’s presence on the 13th century English battlefield. Embrace your unique heritage, and use it to enhance the narrative of the event!

    Though each player is the center of their own story, remember that this is a team sport, and creating a character that helps and supports members of your team will allow for the best experience for both you and your teammates. As with everything at War of the Barons, remember to keep it realistic, well-grounded, and easy to play.