How to Join

Looking to Join us for War of the Barons Feb 21st-23rd? This is your step-by step list!

  1. Purchase a ticket! Choose to follow one of 20 barons or join The Church!
  2. You will need gear to wear! You can rent everything you need HERE or purchase it! You can see the bottom of the Costume Guidelines Page for recommended items/vendors. Combatants will need at minimum a Basic Kit, Surcoat and a Weapon.
  3. You will need to arrange travel and stay! We offer both "in-game" and "out of game" camping options. Bring your own tent or rent one! You can also stay offsite overnight as well!
  4. You can connect with your team via Discord! You can join these servers: Join the Rebel ServerJoin the Loyalist ServerJoin the Neutral ServerJoin the Church Server
  5. As always, any questions you have can be emailed to! 

See you on the battlefield!